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 We encourage you to check in regularly to stay in the loop of all the activities, updates and latest information about Túpac's work and projects.

Túpac's Latest News

Downbeat Criticts Poll Results 2023

We are happy to announce that Túpac has been selected by the critics, in the Top 10 Rising Percussion Stars of 2023, at the 71st Critics Poll Results of DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE

Downbeat 23.png

Túpac joins Zakir Hussain's

Masters of Percussion

We are happy to announce that Túpac was invited by the legendary Indian Tabla Maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain, to join his iconic Masters of Percussion Project. The new configuration of the ensemble made its debut as part of an extensive tour in the United States and Canada during the months of March and April, 2023. Future shows will take place in 2024.

More information can be found at:

Masters of percussion Poster 2.jpg



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All Registrations for 2023 are



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The R.I.T.M.O. Grounding Tracks 5 & 7 - Volume 2, is the second album of the R.I.T.M.O. Audio series.

Introducing two of the most popular odd meter cycles around the world: 5 and 7,

this new training material will help anyone to deepen their practice and improve their rhythmic sense. 

I'm happy to start sharing holistic rhythm tools for a better life experience.

Welcome to the first R.I.T.M.O. detox cleanse

Cleanse 1.jpg

We are pleasantly surprised after seeing the response from hundreds of people from all over the world about the R.E. ZONE.

Due to this fact, the R.E. ZONE is now available for the general public on a yearly subscription base. Enjoy it!

Tupac BP Photo Background.jpg

'THE MUSIC AND MYTH' by writer Andrei Cherascu, has recently released a fun interview with Tupac, made during his last residency in New York city. 

"Understanding the voice of the body - Tupac Mantilla presents R.I.T.M.O."  is the tittle, and while reading it you can find insights and details about Tupac's latest training, his TED talk, and his professional life. We hope you enjoy it!

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 11.12.22

I could not be more excited about moving forward with the fascinating and absolutely challenging realm of Solo Performance by introducing my new show: BODY SONGS! 


This body-rhythm-only highly interactive concept, now joins 'ONE' which, as much as it has already opened an incredible door in my career as a percussionist, is still in an early phase of development,  that I look very much forward to continue bringing to new stages.


BODY SONGS, on the other hand, is the result of more than 10 years of research and development of my work with the body as a percussion instrument, and besides allowing me to have a live-performance context for systems like the Circulines, it will mainly bring me closer to an audience with which I cannot wait to make music with. 

Time to get ready together for BODY SONGS

One of the main ideas behind the concept of BODY SONGS is to develop the show along with the audience. And since I personally believe we are all one single vibrating rhythm, what a great opportunity it is to have a space where our collective sound can gather and transcend as well.


That said, here it's two Body Percussion Challenges for you to prepare. Have fun with it!  And see you at the show! ;)  

Other News

Check some of the recent videos Tupac has released, which include among others: Performances, collaborations, R.I.T.M.O. related material and his latest 'Tupac's Talks' promotional teaser. Stay tuned! There's so much coming up!

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