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R . I . T . M . O .   G E R M A N Y
Rhythmic Immersion Training for Multidimensional Openness 


German Dates 2024

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1 - 3



7 - 9



6 - 8



6 - 8



Workshops in ERLANGEN



26 - 31  JULY 2024, Krummendeich - Niedersachsen

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Rhythmic Immersion Training for Multidimensional Openness

R.I.T.M.O. is a holistic learning methodology created and envisioned by Túpac Mantilla, which combines the use of the body as a musical instrument and multiple cognitive skills, with the awareness of understanding rhythm as the mother law in nature and therefore life.

Experiencing R.I.T.M.O. will allow you to enter rhythmic flow states as you immerse into a deep process of integration, that goes beyond a merely interactive musical or artistic activity, facilitating tools for a more balanced life,  while moving forward towards higher stages of awareness, bliss and happiness.  

Welcome a conscious approach to a multidimensional living and sensing, as you learn and work with exclusive contents and information about Body Percussion, Grooves, Styles, Focus & Memory skills, Teaching tools, Cognitive Rhythm, Rhythmnastics, Technique, Sounds, Notation, Scales, Dun-tas, Circulines and much more!

Welcome the R.I.T.M.O. Flow in your life! 


"This space is an unbelievable treasure!! Such a deep process and knowledge while connecting with incredible people. So thankful!" - A.P.

"One of the most important and inspiring inputs for my personal experience and my teaching in the last ten years, especially in terms of creativity, effortlessness and flow. R.I.T.M.O weekends are at the same time highly efficient trainings and days of perfect happiness." - I.W.



17:30 - 18:30 Session with
Certified Training Group

(Meeting at the Tanzstelle)


18:30 -19:00  Opening Session with Full Group

19:00 to 21:30 Training Session 1



11:00 -12:00  Opening Session

12:00 -13:30 Training Session 2


16:00 - 18:00 Training Session 3

18:00 - 20:00 Training Session 4

Open Activity to be announced



10:00 -11:00  Opening Session

11:00 -13:00 Training Session 5


14:30 - 16:00 Closing Session

Place and Directions

Tanzstelle / Tanzsaal
Schronfeld 74
91054 - ERLANGEN

For specific questions about the workshop, please contact:

Susanne Kemmerer  / +49 1512 37 52 537

Or email us at: 

"Ein inspirierendes und vielseitiges R.I.T.M.O Wochenende! Voll rhythmischer Inputs, die für vielfältige Bereiche anwendbar sind, ein Erleben persönlichen flows und bewegenden Rhythmus der Gruppe, ein Erfahren ganzheitlicher Hintergründe und einer Übertragung aufs Leben. Mit einem charismatischen Tupac Mantilla, der es versteht, jedem einzelnen auf seinem jeweiligen Level zu begegnen und bei dem es keine englischen Sprachkenntnisse braucht, um ihn zu verstehen. Feel good, have fun, relax!" - A.K.



Full Price

€380 Euros

Per one R.I.T.M.O. training 

'Early Bird' Discount

€350 Euros

Per one R.I.T.M.O. training /

Also for Previous Participants

Student Discount

€270 Euros

For active students under 25

Per one R.I.T.M.O. training


€650 Euros

Register directly through 

the Retreat page

2 R.I.T.M.O. Trainings

€680 Euros

Choose any 2 of the 4  

dates in the calendar year

3 R.I.T.M.O. Trainings

€980 Euros

Choose any 3 of the 4  

dates in the calendar year

Full R.I.T.M.O. Training

€1280 Euros

Includes all 4 Workshops &

Certificate Program

Full Year Package

€1880 Euros

Includes 4 Workshops, Cert. Program & German Retreat

* 'Early bird' Discount applies up to 2 months prior to any given workshop.

* Previous participants have regular discounts guaranteed

Join the 4 dates in the year to get the R.I.T.M.O. A1, A2, A3 or B1, B2 Certificate

You will also have exclusive access to the  R.E. ZONE and the R.I.T.M.O. Online platform in selected workshops.


How to register

Please fill in the registration form below, selecting your desired event and making sure all the fields are completed. Once we receive your subscription, our team will get back to you with the details about the payment and additional specific information for the training. 

For specific inquiries or questions, feel free to email us at: We will be happy to assist you.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


Thank you for registering for R.I.T.M.O.!

We have received your registration form.

We will soon contact you with the payment details.


"Tupac has created a super useful method to teach people how to develop their own creative potential, often in unexpected ways that are very effective!"  -  W. G. 

"Was mich an der Arbeit von Tupac fasziniert, ist die Kombination aus zeitgemäßen Lernvorgängen und moderner Spiritualität. Lernen als spirituelle Erfahrung ist ein genialer Weg, der für mich als Person und als Lehrerin unglaublich reich macht." - C. G.

"I love the way Tupac brings people together, the hugs, the way he gets us closer to each other and the way he creates a good and friendly energy without having played a single clap" -  S. B.

R.I.T.M.O.'s KIT 

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Workbook 4 Cover 2.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 10.21.20

R.I.T.M.O. Training

Training Workbook

R.E. Zone Access

Attendance Diploma

About Tupac's Experience

1DRI copy.jpg

Túpac Mantilla holds degrees in classical, world and Indian percussion studies from Javeriana University (Bogotá, Colombia), the New England Conservatory (Boston, U.S.A.) and Harvard University (Cambridge, U.S.A.). His performance activity includes regular appearances at venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Kennedy Center, as well as festivals such as Montreux, Newport and North Sea Jazz, and collaborations with artists like Bobby McFerrin, Esperanza Spalding, Zakir Hussain, and Julian Lage, with whom he was nominated for a Grammy in 2009 for best contemporary Jazz Album.

He regularly teaches and gives lectures and residencies at educational institutions such as Stanford University, New York University, Berklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory. In 2012 he founded PERCUACTION (, an organization that develops and runs rhythm oriented artistic and social programs around the world, through an innovative rhythm curriculum, which in 2020 surpassed a teaching coverage in Colombia of 200.000 children. He is the founder of the Youth Education Program at the Panama Jazz Festival and the director of the World Rhythm Program at the Stanford Jazz Workshop since 2016. In 2020 he joined the Faculty at the Summer Educators Program at Carnegie Hall in New York City, recognition that goes along with nominations as a 'Rising Percussion Star' by Downbeat Magazine in recent years. 

In 2023, Túpac had the honor to be invited by the legendary Tabla Master Ustad Zakir Hussain to join his world-renowned Masters of Percussion project, wich toured extensively in Canada and the United States.  


Check the updated Gallery from different R.I.T.M.O. trainings:

For more information or specific questions or inquires please contact us here: 

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