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F E A T U R E D   V I D E O S : 

Tupac Mantilla - Vagelis Karipis Solo

Omar Faruk in Budapest - Ritmo Festival 

OMAR FARUK Band LIVE in Budapest 

Ritmo Festival Budapest 2016

"La Quinta Pata"

 Sofia Rei

TUPAC MANTILLA - 360° Percobjects Video 1

Solo Percussion Project 

All Star Jam @ Stanford Jazz - Lage, Terry, Roeder, Harland and Mantilla - 'Prospero' 

HAVLADDO - Interview with Tupac Mantilla

Tupac's Body Percussion Solo - Julian Lage Trio

'ONE' - Promotional Teaser

Ulita Knaus Trio - 'Have a Cigar' Live at Jazz Fest Bonn

Sofia Rei and Tupac Mantilla - 'El Pirata' Live in Latvia

Juanito Pascual New Flamenco Trio - 'While my Guitar Gently Weeps"

Bowsmack - 'Blackbird'

Solo Percussion 'ONE' - Documentary

Solo Percussion 'Blackbird' - (Marimba Version) 

Tekeyé - 'Essence'

Kitchen Sink

Set Front Impro

Julian Lage Trio - 'Welcoming Committee' Live at KPLU

Set Back Impro

Cajón Solo

Tupac Mantilla - 'Motor Minder' Solo - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival

Tupac Mantilla and Bob Moses - Hand Voice Duo

Tupac Mantilla, Jorge Roeder and Julian Lage - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 


Ney Rosauro Concert for Marimba and String Orchestra N.1

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