Detox for 9 days, starting December 12th until the 20th, in order to prepare for the 2020 winter solstice (Dec. 21st to 24th).

Main diet plan:

- Stopping caffeine, sugar, dairy products, white grains, reducing fat and salt

- Including detox drinks and foods for cleansing purposes

- Eating consistently in terms of times and periods in between foods

Meditate every day twice a day

Do short impact physical activity routines every day 

Reduce smart device usage as much as possible

Guaranteeing at least 8 hours of sleep every day

Restart my supplement routine: Vitamin D +K2, Magnesium, Zinc, B12

Using the 9 days as well to balance different aspects of my personal life


 - Triple amount of water consumed per day 

- Warm water with one fresh lemon and honey upon waking up

- Detox drinks

- Breakfast

- Mid-morning snack

- Lunch

-  Mid-afternoon snack 1

- Dinner

- Evening snack  / detox drinks


I wait 30 minutes between the water with lemon and the other detox drink(s) and breakfast

After the lemon water, I will drink a full glass of cucumber water (for the first 6 days) and celery juice (for the last 3 days), right before breakfast

Detox drinks: Lemon water, Cucumber juice, Celery juice, various smoothies 

+ More updates in the Blog section




I'm definitely going for this: 

- I will go for 2 meditation times a day. One in the morning upon waking up and one at night, which I will connect with a tea ritual and a contemplation time. 

I will mostly work on my sitting meditations, that focus on breathing exercises, chakra alignment and special mudras. 

I'm definitely going for this: 

- Short High Impact routines:

15 minutes daily of my regular weights and exercises, but doubling the repetitions or the amount of weight.

The routines include 7 different types of training. (Push-ups, bars, jumping rope, ABS, weights, bench, yoga mat.

I'm definitely going for this: 

- Keep devices off and outside your bedroom at night 

- Use an actual alarm clock to wake up

- Don't pick up your smart device first thing in the morning

- Don't interact with devices before noon

- Set specific times for device interaction and stick to it


So here I go... 

I waited a few days to start writing here, so that I could have more input to give and also a better perspective about my own process. 

DAY 1 - (Dec. 12th) 

Starting a detox does bring some excitement to your routine, specially if it's your first time to try something new. In that sense day 1 started full of motivation for me, which was needed since I had set up quite a challenging plan for the upcoming 9 days, including a full stop of caffeine, dairy products, sugar and a device detox to at least 50% of the usual use, besides adding specific detox-plan routines. 

As someone that doesn't drink or smoke and that keeps consistent practice of physical activity, meditation and heavy work load, I knew right off the bat that both diet and device detox were the tougher tasks to tackle. But I have to admit (after 3 days now) that the initial motivation has pushed me to 'do the work' with pretty decent results so far. (Let's see how it develops...) 

That said, day 1 did hit me very hard about one thing: Stopping coffee!... 

And that I experienced with a not at all pleasant mild headache during the second part of the day, pretty much until I went to bed that night. 

On the positive side, 8 hours of sleep, kicking of the day with detox drinks, meditation 1, sport routine, re-starting supplement  dose and specially not picking up or even checking the phone that day until 1:45pm, made it quite a successful start for me. (And btw, it is possible with the phone! Trust me, the world doesn't end before noon...) 

Here's the technical chart summary for the day:


Warm lemon water with honey to start the day. Decided not to have breakfast to begin the cleanse.

After 2 hours took cucumber juice (which I will do for the first 6 days, before drinking celery juice the last 3 days of the detox). Had an apple and a carrot as a snack. Lunch: Lentil soup with other vegetables and tofu, and salad plus one slice of whole-grain bread. Fruits for afternoon snack. Gluten-free pasta with veggie sauce for dinner. And definitely more water than usual in between! ;) 


15 minute high impact routine. I squeezed in that time period: 100 jumps (rope), 30 pushups, 30 bar pull-ups, 30 roll-Abs, chest and arms work-out: 2 exercises / 20 repetitions with more weight than usual. 


2 meditations. Morning and right before bed. Today I only focused in breath work. I used the alpha breathing technique I teach in my workshops and this time was combining it with an strategy I have developed called 'focal point attention' in order to come into presence. The tool for it this time was sound.


Nothing like this success for me to get these 9 days going! I pulled of a total of 71% less use than my average Saturday, according to my screen time chart.  I'm telling you: It is possible! I'm sure it will go up and down, but for me it IS a start. 


Besides the coffee headache, motivation is high and the purpose behind even higher. So nothing to complaint. Based on previous experiences I know it takes time for the body to start feeling the benefits directly, but just knowing that I'm helping my liver already by getting into the diet habits and that I was able to cut the phone usage that much today, sends me to bed happy. 

DAY 2 - (Dec. 13th) 

Second day started late, after a longer night at the studio, however headache was gone and it's not that I'm dying for coffee.. (yet). Despite the late start, I was feeling with enough power to get various routines going, so I was able to accomplish quite a lot in a 45 min. period, right after the lemon-water (meditation, exercise, supplements, organizing and getting ready). The good thing about it is the feeling of having accomplished a good amount of stuff short after having waking up (which is not always the case). Today I started feeling the effects of increasing my liquid diet, as I probably peed twice more than usual. (haha).

Technical chart summary for the day:


Warm lemon water with honey to start the day.  45 min break before cucumber juice. Late breakfast (Oat-meal and fruits).  Mid-morning smoothie (Banana). Lunch: Baked potatoes with veggie sauce and big salad. Apple for afternoon snack. Gluten-free pasta with vegan bolognese bio-sauce for dinner. Water throughout the day. 


15 minute high impact routine. 100 jumps (rope), 35 pushups, 35 bar pull-ups, 35 roll-Abs, back and arms work-out: 2 exercises / 25 repetitions with more weight than usual. 


2 meditations. Morning and right before bed. Morning mediation only focused on soft breathing. 15 min. night meditation focused on chakra alignment with mudras for the heart and pineal gland.   


Beating 71% of less usage a day, seems to be far right now. Screen time showed 36% less usage than average. So definitely not ideal, although at least in the minus. Phone got picked up for the first time after late breakfast before 1pm.

DAY 3 - (Dec. 14th) 

Longer night of sleep and a definitely sore body upon waking up due to previous day physical activity. Headache only happened first day which is a good sign. Body feels with good energy and skin seems to be a bit less dry. I started having signs of being hungrier than usual, and therefore ate a bigger portions at the main meals. Today I added a dose of zinc and B12 to my daily supplements. 

Technical chart summary for the day:


Warm lemon water with honey to start the day.  40 min break before cucumber juice. Breakfast (Oat-meal, fruits, slice of whole-grain bread). Apple for mid-morning snack. Lunch: Turkey with tomato sauce, broccoli and rice. Banana, mandarine and dried fruits for afternoon snack. Rice with vegetables for dinner. Water throughout the day. 


No high impact short routine today, to let the body breathe a bit, but I played 90 mins of outdoor golf. 


1 longer meditation in the morning connected with organ tuning visualization. 


Starting the week is hard since in my regular routine there's always more to do with the phone and computer after a Sunday. However I'm working hard to both only pickup phone for the first time after 12 (12:29 today) and reduce usage (including number of pick-ups). Screen time showed 18% less usage than average. 

DAY 4 - (Dec. 15th) 

By far the toughest day so far. Was feeling very hungry throughout the day and having so much cravings for sugar (was close to cheating a couple of times.. but I survived.. haha). In general with lower energy in the body than usual. I think it is part of the quick (maybe the first one of the cleanse) after stoping sugar, bread and dairy products, which has been always a constant for me. Muscles a bit sore, however due to intenser exercise lately, I feel a bit stronger as well. The double meditation has helped today to create a more balanced beginning and end of the day. Working hard to stick to my mini-day plan to tackle work and device usage, not to get over the target plan for these days.  

Technical chart summary for the day:


Warm lemon water with honey to start the day.  1 hour break before cucumber juice (second part of this juice cleanse journey). Breakfast: Oatmeal with dried fruits / honey, whole-grain bread and fresh fruits. Apple for mid-morning snack with other dried fruits. Lunch: Fried rice with a lot of vegetables :). Banana smoothie, and fruits for afternoon snack. Baked potatoes with salad for dinner. Water throughout the day. Night tea.


Although it was hard I pushed for the complete short impact routine. 15 minute high impact routine. 100 jumps (rope), 35 pushups, 35 bar pull-ups, 35 roll-Abs, back and arms work-out: 2 exercises / 25 repetitions with more weight than usual. 


2 mediations of 15 minutes (morning and night). Focused today was full body inner-visualization in the morning and grounding unity at night.


Better than yesterday for sure! haha. Phone first time pick up: 1:14pm. Screen time showed 29% less usage than average. 

DAY 5 - (Dec. 16th) 

Better beginning of the day with a bit more energy, which pushed me again to do a lot of the cleanse plan tasks upon waking up. Today I increased the intensity of the my short impact routine exercise and had 90 minutes of outdoor sport. Had a very powerful meditation in the morning which helped me accompanied me throughout the day. I am half way through the cleanse now. The body seems to be adjusting back and forth but it definitely in a good direction. Digestion is great, skin is more hydrated than normal and at least today I was able to push fine with the increased power routine. Supplement dose continues as well as constant water intake.  

Technical chart summary for the day:


Warm lemon water with honey to start the day. 1:20 min. break before cucumber juice. Late Brunch: Eggs with side breakfast salad, whole-grain bread and fruits. Apple for mid-morning snack. Lunch/dinner: Pasta with vegan pesto and fresh tomatoes + small salad. Fruits at night. Night Tea. 


Increased high impact short routine today: 130 jumps (rope), 45 pushups, 45 bar pull-ups, 40 roll-Abs, chest, abs, back and arms work-out: 2 exercises / 30 repetitions with more weight than usual. played 90 mins of outdoor golf. 


30 minute meditation in the morning working with 3 breath types (Alpha, Theta and Beta). Full chakra alignment journey. Introduction to breath/sound meditation. Unity-integration phase. 


Busier day 'at the office'. Phone first time pick up: 12:55pm. Screen time showed 19% less usage than average.


DAY 6 - (Dec. 17th) 

Arrived at 2/3's of the cleanse. Body is feeling energized and haven't had the cravings for coffee, sugar, white bread that I'd expect. Ir does feel that the body has gotten used to the different routines, despite some late working nights. I can feel the intense physical activity of the past days a bit (muscles are a bit sore.. nothing bad though). Today is the last day of cucumber juice, before I begin a little heavier one (celery). Diet-wise I've tried to stay consistent at not overloading myself with a lot of food, rather keeping it low, so that I can make the most out of my metabolism given the increase of  my liquid diet for now almost a week. Overall this day was not as organized as others in terms of time-routines (it's s clear the body also needs contrast. But that's the idea behind this process). 

Technical chart summary for the day:


Warm lemon water with honey to start the day. Last cucumber juice of the cleanse! It's been amazing to see how these drinks combined help the morning flushing process. Breakfast: Oat-meal with fruits, eggs with vegetables, whole-grain bread. Lunch: Indian meal (no Nan unfortunately.. haha) - spinach with tofu, basmati rice, salad, natural juice. Fruits as snacks during the day. Dinner: small gluten free pasta with vegan bolognese sauce. Night Tea. 


Had to reduced the routine from yesterday. Body was too tired. 100 jumps (rope), 30 pushups, 20 bar pull-ups, 30 roll-Abs, chest, back and arms work-out: 2 exercises / 20 repetitions.  


2 short meditations of 10 mins. each (morning and night), focusing solely in inner presence and unity. 


Earlier start today due to work. Phone first time pick up: 11:20 am. Screen time showed average usage :(  Gotta push harder by far! 

DAY 7 - (Dec. 18th) 

Earlier beginning today due to work and a petty busy day ahead. I'm off into the last part of the cleanse now. Going back to a heavier sport routine and committed to have less phone usage. Today I will start celery juice, which I have to admit I'm not so excited about. However I feel motivated to finish the full cleanse. Energy is good, body feels stronger. Two days to go! 

Technical chart summary for the day:


Warm lemon water with honey to start the day. 30 min. break before first celery juice. Ouch! Gotta admit it was a bit heavy. Breakfast: Oat-meal, fruits, whole-grain bread. Apple for mid-morning snack. Lunch/dinner: Pumpkin soup with seeds, rice and salad. Fruits at night. more water during the day. Night Tea. 


Went back to high impact short routine today but not outdoor sport: 130 jumps (rope), 45 pushups, 45 bar pull-ups, 40 roll-Abs, chest, abs, back and arms work-out: 2 exercises / 30 repetitions with more weight than usual. 


Only one meditation in the evening before bed. Focus was on Bija-mantras (sounds), inner visualization, gratitude and stillness. 


Due to work first phone pick up was at 10am. However screen time showed 36% less usage than average during the day.

DAY 8 - (Dec. 19th) 

Have to admit that with one day left to finish, I feel obviously motivated and energized to bring all this process to a good end. My working routine of being in the studio late at night for some days already, has made it a bit tricky to be consistent with my full sleeping cycle, which at the beginning was definitely in a good way. Nevertheless I can totally feel how the body has adapted to the new habits, feeling very stable in terms of stamina, energy and metabolism, which does help to compensate the time-schedule due to work. I decided to break the sport routine in parts (morning / evening) to see how the body reacts by increasing physical activity after 7pm.

Technical chart summary for the day:


Warm lemon water with honey to start the day. 90  min. break before second time of celery juice (felt better this time). Breakfast: Oat-meal and fruits. Banana-blueberry smoothie as later snack. Lunch: Vegan gluten free pizza (had to have pizza! ;) plus salad. Dinner: Vegetarian gluten free pasta. Fruits at night. Night Tea. 


Morning high impact routine: 150 jumps (rope), 40 pushups, 30 bar pull-ups, 30 roll-Abs, Weights exercise for chest and back (25 repetitions each). Evening high impact routine: 40 pushups, 30 bar pull-ups, 30 roll-Abs, Weights exercise for: abs and arms (25 repetitions each).


2 ten minute meditations (morning / night). Both using breath and sound to enter stillness and space. 


 First phone pick-up: 12pm. Screen time showed 39% less usage than average during the day. Definitely wanted to reduce usage during the weekend. 

DAY 9 - (Dec. 20th) 

LAST DAY!! Honestly? Feeling very proud and absolutely aware of the great state my whole being is in, not necessarily in terms of my metabolism due to the diet, or the success related to some of the goals, but mainly with my overall energy, with my soul and with my feeling towards many aspects of my being. What started as a preparation to welcome the special 2020 winter solstice, took over in its own in order to help other people in their process of self-awareness, showing me more clarity towards potential paths to walk through as part of my own evolution. Very happy about the response I got from people, and therefore even more committed to keep creating and putting ways of bringing holistic rhythmic experiences out there. This day was exciting for me to follow, since each activity or routine was connected with the end of the cleanse.  

Technical chart summary for the day:


Stronger warm lemon water with honey. 60 min. break before last celery juice and supplements. Skipped breakfast. Lunch: Chicken fillet with green beans and baked potatoes with vegan sauce. Fruits during the day. More water during the day. Night Tea. 


Full intense short impact routine: 150 jumps (rope), 50 pushups, 40 bar pull-ups, 40 roll-Abs, chest, abs, back and arms work-out: 2 exercises / 40 repetitions gradually increasing weight. 


Long closing meditation at night. Focus: Gratitude, space, unity and stillness.


 First phone pick-up time: 1:40pm. Screen time today reduced to 43% less usage than average during the day.


If you have any question, want to know about more specific details or need guidance or coaching, please feel free to contact me HERE or send me a private email to tupacmantilla@gmail.com. 

 Feel free to reach out to me if you have any question.

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