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Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage from Tupac's vast experience as a world-class teacher as well as from his wide range of educational contexts: 

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In addition, Túpac makes regular appearances as an Artist in Residence at world-renowned universities and programs such as the Berklee Global Jazz Institute at Berklee College of Music, and the Javeriana and National University in Colombia. Nowadays he directs the percussion program at Juan N. Corpas University (Colombia), with the collaboration of the PERCUACTION faculty.

In 2012 TUPAC MANTILLA launched, as the Artistic Director, his visionary global organization PERCUACTION, a global percussion platform that develops education, performance and entertainment percussion-related activities while reaching out through social content initiatives to underprivileged communities and children around the world. PERCUACTION operates its educational activities and workshops through the GLOBAL RHYTHM INSTITUTE (GRI) and today it runs and develops successful programs for Latin American governments, organizations and institutions in Europe and the United States.

In 2018 the contents and innovative approach to rhythm and percussion Mr. Mantilla has developed over the course of two decades and through PERCUACTION’s Global Rhythm Institute, ​will reach the 100.000 mark of people benefiting worldwide.

To find out more about Tupac's teaching endeavors, programs and courses, including PERCUACTION's certified trainings or to hire him as a teacher for educational-related contexts, please write to us through our CONTACT section. 

Teaching Experience

Percussionist/Drummer TUPAC MANTILLA is highly regarded as a world-class instructor with ​25 years of teaching experience in several countries around the world. A pioneer of innovative educational rhythmic contents, he is the creator of the curriculum and core methodologies of the Global Percussion Network ​PERCUACTION, becoming a key referent and a leading force in the rhythm field.

Among some of the examples of his accomplished trajectory stand the creation of the first institutional program based on the Stomp Technique in Latin-America (Colombia - Javeriana University, 2004), the launching in 2014 of the ‘​World Rhythm Program' at Stanford Jazz Workshop (​Stanford University), and the successful ‘​Componente Rítmico’ program developed for the district’s public schools in Bogotá, Colombia as part of the ‘Currículo 40x40’ initiative, as well as numerous workshops and academic programs for universities, companies and governments in America and Europe, based on world percussion, improvisation, body percussion and the implementation of every-day-objects as percussion instruments.

He was a faculty member at ​Javeriana University and ​El Bosque University in Colombia from 2002 to 2005 and became a Teacher Assistant at New England Conservatory (Boston USA) in 2006. In 2008 he was named by famous jazz pianist Danilo Perez, Director of the Children’s Program at the Panama Jazz Festival, where he regularly coaches and gives percussion related workshops with the PERCUACTION Panama Team, supported by the Danilo Perez Foundation (DPF). In 2009 Mr. Mantilla was invited by the Literature Department at the prestigious Harvard University (Boston - USA) to give a lecture on his "Sound Metaphors in Music" thesis, and most recently, Stanford University (California USA) hired him to work regularly as a ​Faculty Member for the Summer Jazz Programs (SJW), position he has held since 2010.

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