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Rhythmic Immersion Training for Multidimensional Openness 

Welcome a conscious approach to a multidimensional living and sensing, as you develop exclusive contents and information about Body Percussion, Grooves, Styles, Focus & Memory skills, Teaching tools, Cognitive Rhythm, Rhythmnastics, Technique, Sounds, Notation, Scales, Dun-tas, Circulines and much more!

Allow R.I.T.M.O. to improve your life.  Join us!

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FRIDAY Nov. 29th

5pm -6pm  Introduction Session

6pm -8pm Training Session 1

8pm - 9:30pm FREE


& Free Interactive Activity 

SATURDAY Nov. 30th

10am -11am  Opening Session

11am -1pm Training Session 2


3pm - 4:30pm Training Session 3

4:30pm - 6pm Training Session 4


8PM - 9:00pm Public Open Session

SUNDAY Dec. 1st

10am -11am  Opening Session

11am -1pm Training Session 5


3pm - 4:30pm Closing Session

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Until November 15th, 2019

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400 CHF 

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450 CHF 

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For active students under 25

Per one person's participation

330 CHF

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1200 CHF

Percussionist/Drummer TUPAC MANTILLA is highly regarded as a sought-after teacher and world-class instructor with more than ​25 years of teaching experience in several countries around the world. A pioneer of innovative educational rhythmic contents such as Percbody, Percobjects, Rhythmotions, Ritmo-Therapy, among many others, he is the creator of the curriculum and core methodologies of the Global Percussion Network ​PERCUACTION and the Global Rhythm Institute, standing as a key referent and a leading force in the international rhythm field, and benefiting every year more than 100.000 people around the world.​

His experience as an educator includes constant appearances in universities such as Harvard, Stanford, New England Conservatory, Berklee College Of Music, New York University (NYU), among others.

He is the director of the ‘​World Rhythm Program' at Stanford Jazz Workshop (​Stanford University), and created the successful ‘Componente Rítmico’ program developed for the district’s public schools in Bogotá, Colombia as part of the ‘Currículo 40x40’ initiative, as well as numerous workshops and academic programs for universities, companies and governments in America and Europe, based on world percussion, improvisation, body percussion and the implementation of every-day-objects as percussion instruments.

His Body-Percussion system is one of the most comprehensive and complete methods in the field, and nowadays benefits hundreds of thousands of people every year in more than 20 countries around the world.

In 2018, and after many years of constant requests by the European artistic community, Tupac has finally started a modality of immersion workshops as a preamble to an unprecedented rhythmic training concept that will allow the field to leap and evolve into the next stage of awareness: R.I.T.M.O.

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