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Among the many projects and contents Tupac has materialized in his career, the books and written publications are certainly some of his most detailed and in-depth creations, supporting nowadays most of the curriculum and artistic initiatives from his organization PERCUACTION. 


The innovative and exclusive methods behind them are reaching over 100.000 people globally in 2017 and have served dozens of private projects and governments in South America, North America and Europe. 


Since 2016, some of these creations are starting to be released for the general public, including method-books like PERCBODY (Vol. 1 Spanish Version) and PERCOBJECTS (Vol. 1 Spanish Version). 


As translations in 5 different languages of these books are in the works, we invite you to stay tuned in the near future, as many new contents based on Tupac's rhythmic methods and blog writings will be released. 


To buy copies of this books visit us HERE

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