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PROCREACTIVITY is a concept and a term created by Tupac as a result of 10 years of research and self-training, based on the necessity to have access to high-end performance strategies and tools, in order to be highly productive and efficient in several fronts simultaneously, facilitating the accomplishment of your goals and dreams, while maintaining an integrated order and balance among your career, your business and your personal life. 

The PROCREACTIVITY coaching process will help you to:

  • Organize your thoughts and ideas around your 'Life-Project'

  • Prioritize key elements in your life by recognizing hierarchies and dysfunctional patterns 


  • Determine short, mid and long term goals in your core areas

  • Gain clarity in the understanding of bigger schemes and the 'big picture' 

  • Learn time management and productivity routines

  • Develop strategies to boost creativity and integrated thinking 

  • Train your capacity to take constant action and become a 'doer'

  • Reconnect with your body by establishing healthy routines 

  • Boosting your mental capacity and improving your cognitive processes 

The term PROCREACTIVITY is the result of combining the terms: Proactive, procreate, create, react, act, and activity, and through the coaching process, Tupac brings all of them together by connecting and synchronizing their rhythms. 


The PROCREACTIVITY contents are given by Tupac upon demand in one-on-one coaching sessions, or by a monthly premium subscription, which is supported by constant follow ups and exclusive material shared for clients only, through this specific page. 


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For more information and a free consultation reach out to us  HERE


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