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Produced by Rakalam Bob Moses and Túpac Mantilla Gómez.

Recorded by David J. Sullivan at Native Pulse Studios, April 1 and 2nd 2006.

Mixed and edited by Joaquín Cabra Ayala in Bogotá Colombia.

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering.

Cover painting by Rakalam Bob Moses.

CD design by Rakalam, David J. Sullivan and Oscar Perfer.


Deepest gratitude to ZILDJIAN, REMO and Joe MacSweeney of Eames Drums, for making these beautiful instruments for us to create with.


© 2012 copyright PERCUACTION RECORDS - All rights reserved.


Artist Remarks:


PAC and I have a deep spiritual soul connection. It was evident from the first moment we met. This is an auspicious date, our first musical excursion from zero. No composition, no count off, no talking, no thinking and no expectations. Just a deep breath together, and HIT on the exhale.


Few beings, young or old, are willing and able to give up what they have learned or heard before, to create from NOW in this period of selfless awareness. I feel this music is tonally sensitive and beautifully orchestrated. Though percussion music, it often sounds more like an extra-terrestrial choir. I have love and appreciation for all cultures and all lands. Yet no land has my allegiance. No culture defines, limits or separates me from the ONE, who as source, is nothing and everything, no one and everyone, and predates all we know and don’t know. I’ve always felt the infinite sky as my home. I’ve been blessed to incarnate into this earthly body, and when it gives out, the sky is where I shall return. We hope you enjoy this sacred sound healing transmission.

                                               -     RAKALAM BOB MOSES


Within the profound, intricate a never-ending realm of universal rhythms, an ongoing force of nature oversees and balances the interaction among the living vibrating beings in all dimensions, creating a perfect universal puzzle picture through the rhythms of life.


Mother sky emerges as an end result of love, liberation and compassion, in which boundaries of no kind are present. This allows free instant creation to lead the way to often unseen and sometimes unheard sounds, surrounding and contouring us as humans beings, highlighting the power of creativity and its potential for sacred sound healing.


To Rakalam, my brother and mentor in sound through my individual spiritual path and journey, my deepest gratitude and eternal love and respect. A Joaco, mi admiración y amor incondicional de hermano, con el agradecimiento eterno por su trabajo y por el ejemplo de vida más valioso que conozco.

                                             -  TÚPAC MANTILLA GÓMEZ


RAKALAM plays:

Drum-set, acoustic bass, kalimbas, steel drum, clay flute, gongs, china cymbals, concert base drum, keyboard, and Voice.


TÚPAC plays:

Set, Cajón, djembe, udu drum, múcuras, darbuka, tabla, shakers, snare drum, body percussion, gongs, cymbals, frame-drums, objects and voice.

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