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R.I.T.M.O. LIVE Platform

We hope you had a positive and transformative experience over the weekend.


We are thrilled to launch this page to complement and support your learning process and practice throughout the weekend. 

Feel free to visit it for further study and to benefit from the different R.I.T.M.O. tools. 

The platform will be available to you for a few days after the workshop, to-follow and review some of the material shared over the weekend.


Warmup Routine 1
Warmup Routine 1
Warmup Routine 1
Flow Routine 1
Warmup Routine 1
Flow Routine 3
Warmup Routine 1
Circuline A Level 1
Warmup Routine 1
Circuline A Level 3
Warmup Routine 1
Circuline B Level 2
Warmup Routine 1
Warmup Routine 2
Warmup Routine 1
Flow Routine 2
Warmup Routine 1
Coreo Routine 1
Warmup Routine 1
Circuline A Level 2
Warmup Routine 1
Circuline B Level 1
Warmup Routine 1
Circuline B Level 3


The R.I.T.M.O. Audio Tracks are a great source to develop personal routines of holistic rhythmic flow. Wether you want to have a consistent stable rhythmic pulse to practice along with, have a percussive accompaniment for musical contexts, work with a rhythmic source for creative purposes, access a audio meditation complement, or simply have an audio to listen to and move along to, these tracks have been conceived to make rhythm more fun to practice and specially more organic for the listener, since they all follow a natural performing quality, that allows to achieve rhythmic FLOW in a much more organic and pleasant way. 

432Hz. Healing Drone Tone - Rhythmeditations

Rhythmeditation Tracks

Healing Wave Drum - Rhythmeditations
432Hz. Healing Drone Full - Rhythmeditations

Grounding Tracks

Grounding Track 1 Version A (60bpm)
Grounding Track 3 Version A (70bpm)
Grounding Track 5 Version A (80bpm)
Grounding Track 7 Version A (90bpm)
Grounding Track 9 Version A (100bpm)
Grounding Track 11 Version A (110bpm)
Grounding Track 1 - 5/4 (90bpm)
Grounding Track 3 - 5/4 (150bpm)
Grounding Track 5 - 5/4 (210bpm)
Grounding Track 7 - 7/4 (90bpm)
Grounding Track 9 - 7/4 (150bpm)
Grounding Track 11 - 7/4 (210bpm)


Multidimensional Movement Mandalas


The movement mandalas is a R.I.T.M.O. tool created to allow new levels of exploration around movement, deepening the perception of balance in the physical space, while enhancing the the brain to create new neuro-pathways as well as strengthening neuronal activity and long term memory. 

Circuline Mandala No. 1

This Circuline mandala is intended to be used on the floor with the feet. In other words, people step on it. The recommended size, for proper space movement, is 80x80 cmts. 

The initial suggestion is to step outside of the mandala and get familiar with the shapes, colors and numbers. Explore with them. Learn them. Memorize them, to the point you can visualize them with your eyes closed. 

After feeling comfortable with it, dive into rhythmic movement journeys that allow numbers, shapes and colors to dictate the relationship between movement around the space (as well as body weight/balance) and rhythm. 


SOURCES / Further study

Harvard Study - Music as medicine: The impact of healing harmonies:

British Academy of sound therapy studies:

Full online Callahan Technique - TFT manual 

Tupac's Additional Tools 

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